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Details Beginning-Interpretative-Inquiry

Beginning Interpretive Inquiry Beginning Interpretive Inquiry importantly makes the distinction between the use of 'inquiry' rather than interpretive research or interpretive evaluation. Richard Morehouse explores how inquiry is a far more inclusive ...

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Details Choose-Your-Own-Inquiry

Choose Your Own Inquiry! is a narrative that captures the student experiences of Inquiry in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at Mc Master University.

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Details Narrative-Inquiry-Experience-and-Story-in-Qualitative-Research

Narrative Inquiry Shows how narrative inquiry can be used in educational and social science research. Tracing the origins of narrative inquiry in the social sciences, this book offer practical ideas for conducting fieldwork, composing field notes, and ...

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Details Perspectives-on-Interrogative-Models-of-Inquiry-Developments-in-Inquiry-and-Questions-Logic-Argumentation-Reasoning-Band-8

This book explores the two major elements of Hintikka's model of inquiry: underlying game theoretical motivations and the central role of questioning. The chapters build on the Hintikkan tradition extending Hintikka's model and present a wide variety ...

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Details Teaching-High-School-Science-Through-Inquiry-and-Argumentation

Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry and Argumentation A guide for science teachers on how to integrate scientific argumentation into their science lessons, enhancing inquiry in the classroom Full description

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Details Inquiry-Pedagogy-and-the-Preservice-Science-Teacher

Inquiry Pedagogy and the Preservice Science Teacher Inquiry pedagogy was promoted heavily by John Dewey in the early 1900s as he described how students should not only learn about science, but also participate in problem-solving and scientific ...

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Details The-Appreciative-Inquiry-Handbook-For-Leaders-of-Change

The Appreciative Inquiry Handbook One of today's most popular change methods, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) has been used to undertake transformational initiatives in dozens of organizations, ranging from McDonald's to the U.S. Navy to Save the Children ...

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Details Lost-Subjects-Contested-Objects-Toward-a-Psychoanalytic-Inquiry-of-Learning-Toward-a-Pyschoanalytic-Inquiry-of-Learning

Lost Subjects, Contested Objects This book argues for education's reconsideration of what psychoanalytic theories of love and hate might mean to the design of learning and pedagogy. Britzman sets in tension three perspectives: studies of education ...

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Details Co-Operative-Inquiry-Research-into-the-Human-Condition

This is the first book to provide a comprehensive account of co-operative inquiry: a way of doing research with people where the roles of researcher and subject are integrated. Co-operative inquiry is a distinctive and wide-ranging form of ...

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Details Inquiry-Based-Experiments-in-Chemistry-American-Chemical-Society-Publication

Inquiry-based Experiments in Chemistry This text presents a series of experiments that are intended to serve as the solid basis for a first-year chemistry or physical sciences course, using an inquiry-based approach. Each chapter offers instructions ...